Creating A Gymnastics Area From Foam

Whether you are opening your own gymnasium as a proud business owner or looking to set up a small gym area in your home for your child to practice their skills, there are a few useful areas where foam can be a big help. Let’s take a look at creating a gymnastics area from foam to help you get the best outcome.

Foam mats and crashpads
One of the most important elements of creating a gymnastics area from foam is the mat or main floor. In any area where gymnasts train and have the potential of a fall, there should be a foam mat flooring to add support and softness to prevent injuries. With gym rubber flooring, you get a solution that offers support, cushioning, and the right surface for kneeling or floor work. For this area, you will want medium to high density, closed cell foam which offers not only a soft surface, but also antibacterial properties to help keep the area clean and safe. You will also want crash pads which are different from the floor mat. Crashpads should be placed near any higher beams or mounts since gymnasts have the potential to fall from a greater height which results in worse injuries without the right padding in place.

Foam walls and corners
Foam walls help to dampen the sound while adding extra softness and safety to the environment. Many professional gymnasiums are located in areas where excess noise complaints can be a concern so the use of foam wall solutions provides extra soundproofing so as to not disturb nearby business or customers. In a home gymnasium set up, soundproofing the walls is great for keeping the rest of the house quiet and peaceful. Foam corners placed on any walls which jut out can help reduce accidents while also helping with soundproofing.

Foam pits
When creating a gymnastics area from foam, a pit is a good way to add some fun and safety for training or just having fun. Foam pits should use similar flooring and side panels as the flooring but with a lower density to provide a slightly softer landing. The pit should be filled with foam squares or balls which will also help to minimize impact and create a fun area for training early leaners on flips or just for fun.

Gym mats
Individual gym mats are great for when gymnasts want to work on specific skills not out on the main floor. This helps utilize all the available space in the gym while allowing more gymnasts to practice at once. Gym mats can also be good for stretching after a training session. Foam is exceptionally well suited to this part of gymnastics since it offers support and cushioning while maintaining an antibacterial property perfect for this type of environment.

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