Benefits of Sleeping with a Foam Body Pillow or Wedge During Pregnancy

Being pregnant makes it difficult for many women to perform routine tasks without pain or discomfort. The third trimester is especially trying because sitting, walking, and standing now require far more concentration and effort than usual, while putting on socks or tying shoes become darn near impossible. Even sleeping can pose problems, which is where a foam body pillow or foam wedge come in.

Foam body pillows and foam wedges are a couple of the most effective and affordable sleep aids available. They can be purchased in a variety of shapes, sizes, and densities to give you support where your body needs it most to help you quit tossing and turning, ease aches and pains, and get the best quality sleep possible. This is no easy feat in the third trimester, but is vital to the health of the mom-to-be and baby alike. In fact, foam body pillows and foam wedges provide a wide range of benefits during pregnancy, including the following:

  • Facilitate side-sleeping in a half fetal position. Many experts believe that sleeping on the left side of the body is the ideal position during fetal development for health and safety reasons. Strategic placement of foam body pillows and wedges will help keep you from rolling over during the night.
  • Reduce acid reflux and heartburn. Many pregnant women suffer from acid reflux and heartburn during pregnancy, which can keep them from sleeping soundly at night. Using foam body pillows and foam wedges to elevate the upper body has been shown to reduce the occurrence and symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn.
  • Promote better circulation. Foam body pillows provide support in all the right places and relieve pressure on joints, which promotes better blood circulation. Proper blood flow is critical not only to the health of mom and baby, but also to the prevention of edema, blood clots, hemorrhoids, and similar conditions.
  • Reduce muscle fatigue and tension. Carrying around all that extra weight during pregnancy can take a toll on muscles, leading to near constant fatigue and tension. Using a foam body pillow allows you to relax strained muscles and sleep soundly so you can wake up feeling thoroughly refreshed.

In addition to these benefits during pregnancy, you can continue to use your foam body pillow or foam wedge after pregnancy for support while nursing.

To start experiencing the above benefits, be sure to visit today to browse our entire selection of foam body pillows and wedges to help you get through your pregnancy as comfortably as possible.

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