Insulate and Protect Your Hot Tub With a Custom Polystyrene Cover

While enjoying outdoor swimming pools and beaches can only happen during the summer months, there is one way people relax and unwind in the water year-round, and that is in their hot tubs and spas. With uses ranging from physical therapy and medical purposes to entertaining and relaxation, people enjoy their hot tubs under summer stars and winter snowflakes. Potentially the most important factor to enjoying a hot tub year-round is its cover. Even while being the only component not in use while people are in the water, covers insulate temperature to save energy and protect the water during the other 99 percent of the time it isn’t being used. That, in addition to the beating they take from the elements, means covers must stay in top shape to ensure the rest of the hot tub does as well.

2LB Polystyrene Hot Tub Insulation

2LB Polystyrene Hot Tub Insulation

At Foam Factory, Inc., they possess the materials and manufacturing capacity to create custom hot tub covers or replacement foam inserts, so you can get the most enjoyment out of your investment.

Expanded polystyrene or EPS, more commonly known as polystyrene, is the standard filler material for hot tub covers because of its insulation capacity, rigidity and resistance to moisture. With a closed-cell structure that will not permit the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria, polystyrene covers will not rot or prematurely fail in the line of work. Any hot tub covering material without these characteristics is not suited for the application because of the constant exposure to moisture, condensation, treatment chemicals and humidity.

Another quality of polystyrene that boosts its functionality as hot tub and spa covers is its material density. All polystyrene foam is not the same, with different densities of the material that allow users to tailor the foam to their particular use and budget. Foam Factory stocks polystyrene foam in 1, 2 and 3 pound densities. However, 2 pound density is specifically suggested for hot tub and spa cover usage. Many cheap covers exist that are made of 1 pound density, but with the foam being lower-performance material, it doesn’t always provide the insulation and vapor barrier hot tubs require to run efficiently. 2 and 3 pound density polystyrene insulation packs more material in the same dimensions, insulating better and keeping treated water from evaporating. Even then, the 2 pound density is suggested over the 3 pound, because it provides the necessary performance without the extra cost of 3 pound foam that would only provide a minimal performance boost. A plastic wrapping option for increasing the insert’s longevity is also available. This does not create a perfect seal from moisture, but helps reduce the amount of moisture that accumulates and is absorbed by the foam over time. Polystyrene R-Value, a measure of thermal insulation, is also appropriate for this use.

Once the foam type is selected, Foam Factory offers even more options for creating a fully customized hot tub cover. A topper’s thickness is another vital factor to consider when designing proper covering. Naturally, a thicker material is stronger and insulates better as well.  Because of this, it would seem that ordering the thickest possible cover would the sensible thing to do. However, once all other components are added to the inserts, these covers can become heavy and awkward to handle. Foam Factory can cut polystyrene as thin as 1 inch for the smallest covers or more practical heights up to 8, 9 and 10 inches or greater. The size needed from hot tub lids depends on desired performance, ability to move the lid and aesthetics. Foam Factory also offers tapering for their covers, which allows rain or spills to roll off and dry quickly.

Black Vinyl For Hot Tub Coverings

Black Vinyl For Hot Tub Coverings

Unique shapes and sizes are not a problem either, with Foam Factory’s manufacturing capabilities. With full sheets measuring 48 inches by 96 inches, even the largest hot tubs can be covered with EPS insulation. Additionally, irregular, angled and curved cover designs are cut by hand for individualized customization of these hot tub accessories. Covers can also be divided into sections for easier handling or left as a single piece.  For finishing, the inserts can be covered in attractive black vinyl wrap. To keep the vinyl in top shape, it is smart to periodically treat vinyl covers with UV blocking solvents and try to avoid water accumulating on the cover.

Damaged, old or cheap hot tub spa covers can drive up the energy cost of heating water, as well as allow insects, dirt and other debris to enter into the tub. If you’re looking to replace an existing hot tub topper or purchasing your first, Foam Factory has you covered.

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2 Responses to “Insulate and Protect Your Hot Tub With a Custom Polystyrene Cover”

  • Sandra Hall says:

    I am looking for the vapor wrapped inserts for my Nordic hot tub cover. Does your company sell those?

    • Foam Factory says:

      Hi Sandra,

      Yes, we do offer plastic vapor wrap on our hot tub covers. Simply mention that you would like vapor wrap when placing your order, and we can add it. I’ve sent your message to our Sales Team, who will be getting in touch with you for more information regarding your cover!

      -Foam Factory

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