The Importance of Insulating Your Hunting Blinds!

As you prepare for the next hunting season, it is important to be prepared! There is no better place to start than with your hunting blind. Hunting blinds mask you both visually and audibly from animals.

Some hunting blinds tout these capabilities upon purchase but adding some extra foam to help is never a bad idea! In this blog, we will talk about the different foam types that will make your hunting blind both comfortable and efficient for your next trip!

Deer Hunting Blind in Woods
Deer Hunting Blind

Thermal Insulation

Foam is a very versatile material, and there are a good amount of different foams that can be used for thermal insulation. One foam that is used for insulation is Polystyrene foam, or EPS foam. Polystyrene is actually often used in the walls of homes for this purpose, and it will work just as well to insulate your hunting blind! To fit the walls of the blind, the EPS foam will need to be cut. As a general rule of thumb, it is always good to measure twice and cut once. Keep in mind that you will likely need to use special tape or caulk around the seams of the foam to seal any possible air leaks.

For maximum insulation, it is best to cover the floor, walls, and ceiling. If you do put EPS foam on the floor, it is also recommended that you put a more cushioned and shock absorbent material on top of it, such as our Gym Rubber. Laying down the additional material will prevent you from stepping on, and possibly damaging the Polystyrene, which tends to be more of a rigid material.

There are a handful of other foams that can help with this application. In fact, they can be used alongside Polystyrene foam. The great thing about these two foam types, Neoprene and Polyethylene Roll, is that they also help to dampen sound, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Auditory Insulation

While staying warm is of the utmost importance when hunting, an often overlooked aspect of hunting is sound. Animals can be easily scared away by the slightest noises. Sound barriers can help keep things quiet as you hunt! It is important to note that nothing can deaden sound completely, but applying Neoprene or Polyethylene Roll to the walls of your hunting blind can dampen sound enough to give you the best shot at the buck you have been waiting for.

Just like with thermal insulation, you will get the best sound dampening qualities by fully covering the walls with foam. It can be applied fairly easily using hanging strips of Spray Adhesive.

White and Charcoal Polyethylene Roll
Polyethylene Roll

Now that you know how to make your hunting experience even better, why wait? Get all the materials you need today from The Foam Factory. Make the next hunting season the best yet by Contacting Us today!


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