Spray Adhesive

Types: 3M Super 77 and Camie 373
Packs: Single and 12-Packs


3M Super 77: This spray adhesive is suggested for use with our closed-cell foams and open cell foams. Uses include custom packaging, mounting acoustic foam, adhering cushions, and arts and crafts. However, do not use 3M Super77 on polystyrene/EPS products, as the chemical structure of the adhesive melts the foam.

Camie 373: While Camie 373 can also be used on our closed-cell foams, we suggest this product for use on the polystyrene/EPS foams the 3M Super77 would have damaged.

How To: How To Use Spray Adhesive - General Application (PDF)
How To: How To Use Spray Adhesive - Mounting Acoustic Foam (PDF)

Brand / Size
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3M Super 77 - Single / 13.8oz
3M Super 77 - 12 Pack / 13.8oz
Camie 373 - Single / 13oz
Camie 373 - 12 Pack / 13oz

IMPORTANT: Spray adhesive is ineffective at bonding foam to painted or bare concrete or cinderblock walls. For permanently adhering foam directly to these surfaces, heavy-duty construction adhesive is suggested. Note that this will damage the foam and leave residue on the wall if removed. For non-permanent installation, we suggest mounting the foam to a substrate, such as plywood or sturdy cardboard, and hanging the mounted tile(s). Our spray adhesives may be used to form the foam-to-substrate bond.

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