Promotional Product Packaging and the Difference It Makes

Leaving a memorable mark on a potential customer is the name of the game for anyone involved in marketing, as meaningful impact helps create front-of-mind awareness in target markets and consumers. Product promotions are excellent for creating awareness as well as continually reminding consumers of your message. But as markets become saturated with promotions, standing out and creating a connection to your product or service becomes difficult.

Custom Cutout

Closed-Cell Custom Cutout

For this reason, one of the most vital but often overlooked aspects of generating value from distributed promotions is a product’s presentation.  Whether it’s small-scale, like a pin or pen or something substantial like a full-scale product sample, The Foam Factory manufactures customized promotional foam packaging and box inserts that present products professionally, increasing their value to both companies and recipients.

Using precision, computer-programmed machinery, inserts for promotional boxes can be made to snugly hold practically any product in any layout or combination. Specialty packaging ensures the safe transport of a promotion while also creating a “Wow-Factor” that that will stick with the consumer. Additionally, a designated and secure place to store an item means custom packaging inserts increase promotion longevity by providing a place to keep the item rather than throwing it away.

The Foam Factory can produce short-runs of packaging inserts or hundreds of thousands, quickly and economically with diverse, specialized machinery. Made from a variety of high-grade foam types to complement any product perfectly, the custom promotional insert forms can be made of non-soiling or colored open-cell foam or dense closed-cell foam. Additionally, the foam inserts can be cut in either standard sheets or in eggcrate style, providing complete customization for any design plan. For a finishing touch, The Foam Factory is able to laminate fabric to the form for greater customization possibilities. 100 percent cotton and 100 percent micro-fiber suede are available in a variety of colors and The Foam Factory will also use customer-provided fabrics if there is a certain material desired.

The Foam Factory has manufactured many types of custom marketing packaging, including photographs and frames, specially shaped USB drives, bulletproof glass and product samples. Bundled packages have also been made that included scrubbers, solvents and literature.  Water bottles, bobbleheads, flashlights, carabiner key chains, multi-tools and watches are some other potential product promotions that would benefit from custom foam advertising packaging.

All style and no substance won’t help you reach your marketing goals, should you present a poor product in premium packaging. But with The Foam Factory custom promotional packaging inserts, a quality product will be one that stands out in a crowd and will provide better value for you and your company.

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