Help Your Pets Hit the Road in Comfort and Style!

While finding a pet owner who didn’t love his or her companion to the moon and back would, undoubtedly, be difficult, it would be just as hard to track one down who, in a candid moment, wouldn’t admit that having a pet can make some things in life more difficult than they would be otherwise.

Travel seems to be the biggest obstacle pet owners face. Whether you’re running around taking care of errands, or making the most of a well-deserved vacation, people with pets always need to plan a little further ahead than others to ensure the health and happiness of their animals. Even running across the street to borrow some sugar from the neighbor means making sure that there isn’t anything left out your pet can get into.

Some of The Foam Factory’s Pet Bed suede cover options (top to bottom): Wine, Sky, Olive, Charcoal, Hunter, and Aubergine

Some of us are lucky enough to have family, friends, or neighbors willing and able to help out with watching pets when you need to leave town for a few days. Others utilize boarding services to make sure their pets are looked out for. But for those who can (or want to) bring their pets with them when they travel, there are usually a few things that need to be managed before hitting the road.

One of the biggest factors in traveling with pets is maintaining their comfort, as they often wind up in smaller, new places, like the back of the car or travel crates. To make that transition easier, pet beds and cushioning products from The Foam Factory can go a long way toward reducing their anxiety and discomfort.

For pets of any size, The Foam Factory offers a wide range of soft, cushioning, and comfortable beds, in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors, designed to fit whatever needs your pet has. Pet beds at home are certainly popular, but it’s easy to overlook their benefits while traveling as well. Besides the comfort they provide, bringing your pet’s bed gives them the comfort and familiarity of a place they understand is all their own, no matter where you venture.

On longer trips, having that familiar place can help take the edge off during a stressful time while they’re out of their normal element. They’re great for smaller pets as well, that often wind up being carried or held in laps. Bringing a small pet’s bed gives them them a more even, comfortable surface to rest on than the top of your legs. Sold in both solid and shredded foam varieties, it may even make sense for you to have a second, spare, travel bed, to save the hassle of hauling their everyday bed around, particularly if it’s larger. Shredded foam lends itself well to travel, as it can be compacted into a smaller space, if you’ve got a pretty full vehicle. If traveling in the winter, beds can also help pets stay a little warmer, insulating them from the cargo floor, where heat doesn’t reach as easily in vans or SUVs.

Some pets are best off in crates when traveling, whether it’s to limit stress, make managing them easier, or both. With these usually being molded plastic shells, they don’t offer the most stable or comfortable of resting surfaces. Folded blankets or towels are usually the first remedy people try, until they see their pet sliding around while their vehicle is moving, or find the fabric bunched up in one corner. For something that cushions, insulates, and even helps provide additional stability, closed-cell foam sheets are a great solution for crate liners!

With a degree of rigidity that prevents them from rolling or folding up, closed-cell foam sheets can be fit into place, or even adhered to the bottom of the crate, to provide a more comfortable surface. Very important is the fact that closed-cell foams are non-absorbent, so they can be sanitized as needed. This is a major plus in case a pet has an accident too, as spongy open-cell foam would be ruined quickly.

Ultimately, people love having their pets with them, which means when it comes to traveling, nobody likes leaving them behind. While it requires a bit of effort to make traveling with them doable, ensuring their comfort and happiness is as beneficial to you as it is to them. Including pet beds or comfortable padding while you travel is one great way to get those results!


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