Fall Foam Fun, Festive Craft Projects.

When looking to add some festive creations to your fall, foam is a great choice for crafting a wide range of projects. Here are a few of our favorite fall foam crafts to make the season festive!

  1. Fall Leaves Garland
    While Halloween is a spooky and fun time of year, it isn’t the only part of a festive fall! When looking for fall foam crafts for the rest of the season once Halloween ends, a leaf garland is an easy one that is always a fan favorite. Using thin foam, you can easily trace and cut out leaves for a garland. You can even paint the leaves in fall colors of orange, red, and yellow. For added autumnal charm, you can even add a bit of glitter to the leaves before stringing them up around the house.
  2. Life-Size Scarecrow
    Similar to using foam for a life-sized zombie, a life-sized scarecrow is a fun way to celebrate the season. You can dress the scarecrow in fall flannel and a cute hat for a festive look perfect for the yard. While you used foam to create the head and hands for the zombie, you are usually better off using the foam for the filling of your scarecrow since you want to be lifelike, but not so lifelike in the face that it looks creepy. You can achieve this by using foam scraps as stuffing for the body of the scarecrow to give it a fun, fluffiness perfect for a friendly fall scarecrow.
  3. Pumpkin Bean Bag Chair
    With Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and family coming to visit, you will need more seating than usual to accommodate all your guests. If you are looking for an easy to up the seating and a festive craft project all in one, consider creating pumpkin bean bag chairs with foam! Using foam scraps for the filling and orange sacks, you can easily create a pumpkin-themed seating area for the kids coming over for the fall holidays. You can even add some Velcro items such as a stem made of foam or jack-o-lantern cut-outs.
  4. Hayride Cushions
    The fall is the perfect time for a festive hayride. If you are looking for a way to make the hayride more comfortable, adding a few foam cushions is a fun craft project everyone will appreciate. You can even place the cushions inside fabric seat covers with festive apples and leaf prints for a perfect fall craft. These cushions can be used for guests coming over for Thanksgiving as well making this a craft you can get multiple uses out of this season.
    When it comes to fall, there are plenty of fun foam projects you can try out to bring some festivities to the season. With these ideas and your favorite foam at the ready, create something unique and fun for your fall!

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