Need a Twin Long or Full Long Mattress? They’re Now Standard Sizes at Foam Factory!

When a company becomes aware of an opportunity among their customer base, the easiest thing in the world to do is address it. And why wouldn’t you, if it will bring in happy, paying customers? The difficult thing isn’t satisfying that need among customers, but doing it in a way that gives customers what they want while making sure they’re happy with their purchase and will return again.

Take the following example: a sweltering heat wave strikes the city in the dead of summer. People need to stay cool, for both comfort and safety. Your company has sold fans for years. Would you be more likely to earn and/or retain a long-term, satisfied customer by doubling the price of fans during this heat wave, gouging them in a time of need, or by holding a sale on fans during this heat emergency, creating loyalty and satisfaction, while getting people in the store and likely moving more products? I think you know the answer here.

Standard, Conventional Foam Mattress Sizes at The Foam Factory

While The Foam Factory doesn’t dabble in fans, they are a leader in the foam bedding industry. Taking note of an up-tick in requests and orders for Twin Long and Full Long mattress sizes recently, The Foam Factory made the decision to remove the two sizes from the custom-cut branch of their inventory to stocked, standard products. By doing this, products are now not only able to be shipped more quickly, they are also more affordable, as they aren’t being cut to order. You can even see the cost-savings yourself, by punching the now-standard sizes of the Twin Long and Full Long mattresses into the custom-size calculator, then comparing the price against the ones on the standard size mattress product pages.

For years, The Foam Factory has given their customers the ability to create mattresses in virtually any size they wanted. This option has been invaluable to people who have antique bed frames, custom-built beds, or other unique situations where standard sizes just don’t fit. And while they were easily made using their custom-cut mattress service, The Foam Factory started to see a pattern arising where people were creating Twin Long and Full Long mattresses more and more often.

For years, these sizes had been in limbo. They were popular enough to be known and utilized by the public beyond a niche or one-of-a-kind bed, but still not popular enough to ascend to the ranks of Twin, Full, Queen, or King-size beds. With the added 5″ of  length Long versions provide for Twin and Full mattresses, a little extra room without a major increase in cost has made these sizes popular among younger people, dormitories and teen bedrooms especially. With that increase in demand, the decision was made to bring them into the fold as a standard, stocked mattress size, along with the four classic sizes, as well as California King bedding

With the Long versions bringing the total to seven different mattress sizes now being offered in six different foam types, there are options for virtually any sleep preference. Every one of these sizes and foam types is also offered in whole inch thicknesses ranging from 1″ to 6″. This size spread gives customers the option to create a DIY “hybrid” mattress by blending different foam types together to create a custom mattress that melds together different levels of comfort and support. What’s more, the Poly foam, Lux High Quality, and Lux Regular foam varieties are also offered in 1/2″ thicknesses as well, for en even finer degree of customization.

What this all comes down to is The Foam Factory’s commitment to providing their customers with great products and a great value. Twin Long and Full Long mattress sizes being added as stock, standard items to their conventional mattress line is just one great example!

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