Memory Foam Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is now upon us, which means you’ll have to start thinking of some great gifts to buy for your loved ones. If this is a task you dread, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to come up with useful yet budget-friendly gifts for everyone on their list — especially when the intended recipient doesn’t give out any hints or clues about what they want. But don’t worry, is here to bail you out with our handy holiday gift guide for 2018! Check out these amazing foam products that are affordable, practical, and sure to be loved by everyone.

  • Memory foam pet bed: The dog or cat lover in your life will be touched to receive a memory foam pet bed for their favorite animal. Older pets or those suffering from arthritis or joint pain can benefit from the targeted support of memory foam just as much as people can, so don’t hesitate to buy one of these.
  • Foam book holder: Does your loved one wish to enjoy hands-free reading or Netflix viewing at home? If so, then a foam book holder would be the perfect gift. Made from charcoal firm foam and featuring a lip at the bottom edge to prevent slippage, our book holders keep your book or device propped at a gentle viewing angle for convenience and comfort.
  • Foam draft stopper: Is there someone on your list who’s always cold in winter no matter how high the thermostat is set? The problem might come down to a drafty doorway. Our foam draft stoppers can be placed at the bottom of doors and windows to keep warm air in and cold air out. They’re available in a variety of colors to match any decor, so pick up several for this holiday season.
  • Foam body pillows or wedges: Let’s face it, everyone likes to spend time relaxing in a warm, cozy bed far away from the snow and freezing temperatures. Foam body pillows and wedges make this endeavor even more pleasant by helping your loved ones prop up legs or arms, get extra support for the back and neck, or enjoy full body support while reading, watching TV, or sleeping

Along with the above gift ideas, has our standard array of latex and memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers so you can treat yourself during this holiday season, too. Visit the site today to take care of all of your gift-giving needs in just a few minutes!

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