Giant Games You Can Build Out of Foam

Keeping your little ones occupied and their minds continually growing can certainly be a bit of a challenge from time to time. We know that they are constantly expanding the knowledge they encounter through sight, smell, touch, and thought. Keeping your kids engaged may be as easy as creating an exciting game they have not encountered before.

Take their favorite games and make them giant! Not only will giant games present a fresh new take on your children’s favorite games, but it also sparks imagination and delight for hours as well as being safe and soft for kids of all ages. (Adults, too!)

Here are some of the best giant games you can build out of foam.

Giant Jenga Supplies:

• 1 polystyrene foam board, 6 – 8 inches thick.
• Sharp utility or craft knife to scour the foam or small craft saw for cutting
• Measuring tape or ruler
• 3 rolls of decorative duct tape
• Pencil or marker Make the Jenga Blocks

1. Measure out the Jenga blocks to be roughly 4 inches wide by 12 inches long, no need to worry about it being exact. For a complete Jenga set, you will need to cut 52 pieces.
2. Wrap decorative duct tape around each brick.
It is that simple! Once finished wrapping the bricks your kids are ready to set up their giant game of Jenga and play for hours! What You Can Make with Foam Pit Cubes. Foam pit cubes are fantastic to use as a soft item to land on, but did you know they can also be turned into giant game pieces?

Our foam cubes come in a rainbow of colors and with a little paint and creativity can be turned into things like:
1. DIY giant Yahtzee game. Paint your favorite color of foam cubes with white paint for dots to recreate six-sided dice. Use an aluminum bucket, or a large plastic bucket to place the die inside and roll! Easily keep score with a downloadable Yahtzee scorecard.

2. Law Dominos. Grab our polyester foam in 24″x48″ and begin to cut it into 28 pieces measuring 11 inches each. Grab a leftover piece of cardboard roughly 5.5″ x 11″ and trace and cut out 1 1/8″ circles with a line cut out in the middle. For a set of 28 dominos, 6 is the largest number. Once complete, use your template to draw the circles onto your dominos and paint in the circles with the color of your choice, let dry, and start the game!

This is just a small sampling of all the versatile crafts for our exceptional foam. We hope you and your family enjoy these ideas, and if you have any questions about our extensive selection contact us any time. We would be happy to help!”

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