Get a Lower-Body Lift from Leg Cushions!

As long as humans have wanted to be comfortable (a fairly long time), people have enjoyed pillows. However, the idea that pillows just belong under our heads becomes less and less valid as we learn more about the physiological needs of our bodies.

Today, pillows have uses from your head to your feet. Some exist for comfort and some for support, while most offer a little of both. Contoured pillows, travel pillows, and memory foam pillows have greatly risen in popularity, but another, lesser-known need that pillows can address is lower-body comfort and support. Leg pillows are made in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and The Foam Factory is proud to offer plenty of styles to help you sleep, relax, and feel better.

Block Style Leg Pillow

While used at the other end of the body, leg pillows serve the same basic function as traditional sleeping pillows by helping you get the best combination of comfort and support to sleep or relax. One of the main benefits people can take away from leg pillows is improved lower-body circulation, due to the elevation they provide. Being upright throughout the day, your veins are constantly fighting to return blood to the heart. When your legs are elevated, gravity works in your favor for once, and the circulation process is eased.

Leg pillows can also relieve joints and muscles by offering direct support to areas normally neglected, like the backs of knees. Additionally, some individuals just find lower-body pillows to be more comfortable than sleeping without one, even if they don’t have unique circulation or support issues. Full-length body pillows are another comfort option, one that can be used by the upper and lower body at the same time, making them popular among side sleepers.

The Foam Factory features four different styles of leg pillows, each offering their own brand of fit and function, giving customers the opportunity to pick a product tailored to their own specific wants and needs. Every leg pillow is made from burgundy medical foam; a soft, yet resilient material that is also antibacterial – an important feature given the amount of body contact these pillows experience.

The simplest pillow available is CS29, the Wide Style. This cushion is the most versatile among the four varieties, offering the gentlest incline for individuals only looking for a slight modification to their positioning. The wide, flat pillow features a wedge-style taper that supports the leg on its way up to the cushioning plane where the calves, ankles, and feet are comfortably supported.

For the greatest boost in height, the Block Style pillow (CS30) elevates when placed under the knees. Its substantial height relieves the knees and provides substantial lift. While it offers a greater boost than most people need for simple comfort, people who need a drastic lift for support reasons will be relieved to implement this cushion.

Scoop Style Pillow

Similar in shape to the Block Style leg pillow, the smaller Wedge Style cushion (CS32) offers a balance in terms of elevation between the Wide and Block Styles. This Wedge Style has a gentler rise from its base with a complete taper, while the Block Style has flush cutoffs at its ends. This helps hold the thigh and calf as they rise and fall from the knee.

Lastly, is The Foam Factory’s most uniquely designed comfort product: the CS31 Scoop Style leg cushion. With two concave cutouts that cradle your calves and heels (imagine where we got the name!), this is easily the most stabilizing pillow offered by The Foam Factory. By hugging the leg from the knee on down, the Scoop Style is particularly beneficial to people who may have experienced injuries or are recovering from procedures requiring extreme support when resting. It also features a detachable base, giving it an adjustable height as well.

Deciding which pillow to get, or whether you even need one is something only you can answer. But if you are experiencing discomfort or restlessness at night, could use lower body elevation when resting or recovering from a procedure, or just think you’d find one comfortable, The Foam Factory leg pillows are a soft, supportive, and comfortable solution.

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