Four Uses of Pick and Pull Grid Foam

As one of the most versatile materials on the market, foam continues to offer some of the most interesting applications for a range of settings. When it comes to Pick and Pull Grid Foam, you may be surprised to find out some of the uses for this foam solution. Let’s take a look at the top 4 uses of Pick and Pull Grid foam!

pick n pull foam

Characteristics of Pick and Pull Grid Foam

What are some beneficial properties of foam? Before we dive into the ways to use this foam solution, there are a few characteristics worth noting:


Foam is incredibly durable and long-lasting. It is strong enough to not rip or tear easily, so it can be counted on to protect your most valuable possessions from damage.

Impact/Shock Absorbing

Foam is capable of absorbing vibrations caused by shocks and impacts. This means the foam will take the brunt of an impact rather than the item the foam is protecting. This is crucial to protecting valuables from damage.


Even though foam is a very durable, it is surprisingly lightweight for a material with its strength and toughness.

Applications for Pick and Pull Grid Foam

With those strengths in mind, let’s take a look at the ways this product can be used!

Mailing Packages

When looking at the most common applications of Pick and Pull Grid Foam, mailing packages is always at the top of the list. This foam is lightweight enough to protect the contents of a package without drastically increasing the weight, keeping shipping costs to a minimum. Foam is great for absorbing impacts and vibrations, so it is well-suited to safeguarding the contents of a package during travel from one location to the next without worry.

Our affordable Pick and Pull Grid is ideal for businesses in need of a lot of packaging material for frequent shipments. However, this foam isn’t just for businesses engaged in high volume shipping. It can also be used by non-business owners looking to mail everything from Christmas presents for the grandkids to sending family heirlooms across the country.

Moving Artwork or Breakable Items

Another popular use for this product is to provide protection when moving artwork or other breakable valuables, such as vases or sculptures, from one location to another. Multiple layers of our Pick and Pull can be used to create snug packaging for irregularly shaped objects by removing pieces from the individual layers, shielding fragile works from costly damage while en route.

Storing Firearms and Weapons

Creating a customized foam insert for your protective case has never been easier! Using our Pick and Pull Grid Foam, you can fashion a unique insert with padding for one or more firearms, attachments, and accessories in exactly the configuration you want. Impact resistant foam is ideal for safely packaging and storing firearms, preventing damage that would require repair or replacement.

Mailing Computer Parts

Shipping sensitive electronic components requires special packaging to get the items to their destination safely. With our Anti-Static Pick and Pull Grid Foam, you get all of the customizability of our Pick and Pull core with the electro-static dissipative properties of Anti-Static foam. Combined with a shielding antistatic bag, you can achieve complete protection for motherboards, hard drives, and more!

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For a full 360 degrees of protection, we carry solid bases and eggcrate tops in both our standard Charcoal and Anti-Static materials. Designed to be cut down to size for a protective case’s bottom or lid, these are great additions to keep your package safe on all sides!

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