Custom Foam Storage for Collectors and Hobbyists


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Foam is one of the best storage materials available for protecting fragile, intricate, or expensive items. It can be purchased in various densities and thicknesses and can be cut to fit any shape or container. Quality foam is also very affordable at The Foam Factory, which makes it the ideal storage medium for collectors and hobbyists. Here are some tips on using foam to house your most prized possessions.

Decide on the foam type

The type of foam you use for your collectibles is determined by a number of factors, including the dimensions of your items and the primary purpose of your storage container. For example, bigger collectibles with wide bases and large overall dimensions would require thicker foam than smaller, thinner pieces. Similarly, if you plan to transport or ship your items to shows or conventions, then you should go with thicker foam for better protection. And finally, if your collectibles contain sensitive electronic components, try pink anti-static foam to help dissipate the electrostatic charges that tend to build up through handling.

Sketch out a storage plan

Once you figure out what kind of foam to use, sketch out a rough storage plan so you know how much foam to buy. Take the container dimensions into consideration, as well as the general layout of your collectibles within the container. Check those numbers against the dimensions of the desired foam product at The Foam Factory to determine how many sheets to buy.

Choose custom cutting or DIY

Foam Factory offers custom foam packaging in any quantity (from one to thousands of pieces) and tooled to your specifications. This is the easiest way to ensure you get perfectly cut, professional quality foam to protect your collectibles.

As an alternative to custom foam, you can do the whole thing yourself. If you pursue this route, watch some YouTube tutorials first and make sure you have an electric kitchen knife or similar tool to cut the foam. You should also add an extra foam sheet or two to your order so you can practice or have a backup in case of mistakes.

Whether you want charcoal foam, eggcrate foam, or antistatic foam for your collectibles, you can get it at Check out the site today to learn more about these products or to place your order for custom foam packaging.

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2 Responses to “Custom Foam Storage for Collectors and Hobbyists”

  • Hilary Tsai says:

    Hello! I need a foam structure as a stage prop. If I send you images of a 3D digital model (can’t attach them here), might you be able to custom-create it out of foam or some other lightweight material? The geometry is not complicated, but size could be a problem. The object is a hexagonal stair step arrangement. I’ve attached images from several viewpoints. The back should be flat so that it can lie flat against a wall. The edges should be sharp rather than rounded, but a slight fillet is okay. You could even make it in several parts, which I could then put together myself. The dimensions are:

    7 feet across
    2 and 1/3 feet high
    3 feet deep (from front of bottom step to the back)

    If this is possible, could you also include a price estimate?

    Please email me so I can send the photos as an attachment.Thank you for your time!!



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