Acoustical foam's fire retardancy rating is measured by its Flame Spread Index (FSI) and Smoke Developed Index (FDI); both assessed in American Society for Testing Materials E84 Test (ASTM E84).

  1. A sample material is mounted in ceiling position, facing downward in a chamber.
  2. The sample material is exposed to controlled air flow and open flame is spread across the entire length of the product.
  3. Flame size and generated smoke are both monitored and recorded, in comparison to very flammable red oak flooring and minimally or non-flammable fiber-reinforced cement board. The test material is given values in relation to the oak and cement standards.
  4. These values, on a scale of 0 to 200 for FSI and 0 to 450 for FDI, are used to place a material within three rating categories. The top Class A/1 materials record a 0 to 25 FSI, second tier Class B/2 materials record a 26 to 75 FSI and bottom Class C/3 materials record a 76 to 250 FSI. All categories are required to remain within a 0 to 450 FDI rating.

All of Foam Factory's polyurethane acoustic foam products are rated in the Class A/1 fire retardancy category. For more information, please refer to the detailed Test Results.

IMPORTANT: ASTM E84 ratings are often sufficient for meeting fire safety standards. However, due to differences between local regulations, it is imperative that you always verify acceptable use of materials with local code enforcement authorities (e.g: Fire Department) in your area before purchasing any products.

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