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How to Apply Fiberfill Wrap to Your Cushion

Choose the Method
Adding fiberfill cushion filling wrap can be done in one of two ways. Gluing is easier and quicker and suggested for sofa foam replacement projects that will use a lightweight fabric cover. Stapling the wrap around the cushion foam will create a fuller cushion appearance but is more involved than the gluing method. It is suggested for foam or couch cushions with medium or heavyweight covering fabrics. This method creates folds of fiberfill along the cushion edges that may appear bulky under thinner fabrics once you’ve completed your sofa foam cushion.

Glue Method

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Staple Method

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Measure Your Cushion
Straight Cuts
Apply Dacron / Fiberfill Wrap
Stuffing Your Cushion
Glue Foam

Basic Supplies Needed
Foam Sheets
Dacron / Fiberfill

IMPORTANT: Always be careful when handling sharp objects and use safety glasses when working on sofa cushions or foam. We are not responsible for any harm, damages and / or losses caused when using these or any other potentiality harmful objects when working on your couch foam projects.

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