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Acoustic Foam - FAQ

Technical Data
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Acoustic Foam Products

Wedge Foam: The most popular acoustic foam, our wedge foam outperforms and outlasts the competition at an affordable price. Because our foam is machine cut, you can expect it to be nearly identical side to side. Wedge foam provides sound insulation, helps eliminate echoes, offers a professional appearance, requires minimal installation effort and is an excellent studio foam.

Pyramid Foam: Pyramid foam, like our wedge foam, is a long-lasting, high-performance solution to your sound-deadening needs at an affordable price. Pyramid foam's unique design offers slightly different performance characteristics than the wedge foam, with its greater surface area. The four sides, rather than two, help reduce sound like flutter echoes with extra diffusion but offer slightly less absorption, both desired characteristics depending on usage style.

Eggcrate/Convoluted Toppers: Eggcrate acoustic soundproofing foam is great for people who want the sound-deadening qualities of 1 and 2 inch wedge foam, but at a budget-conscious price. Eggcrate sound deadening foam's style keeps its price low, yet still allows it to stop sound very well. Eggcrate foam is also a good choice for people who plan on covering their sound-deadening foam with acoustical cloth or want an affordable home studio foam.

Studio Columns: This portable acoustical solution is designed for applications that require a controlled subspace in an area that would be a poor acoustic environment otherwise. Used in an array, spread around a particular point, studio columns provide broadband sound absorption that can be moved or increased with more columns at any time, making it incredibly versatile sound proofing foam.