Product General and Technical Information
Date: 11/22/2021
Name: Expanded Polyethylene
General Information
Expanded Polyethylene Foam (EPE) is a rigid closed-cell foam with great compression and impact resistance, commonly used in packaging and shipping applications.

Property Test Method Values
Density (LB/Cubic Ft.) ASTM D3575 4.6
Compressive Strength (PSI)
@ 10%
@ 25%
@ 50%
@ 75%
ASTM D3575  
Tensile Strength (PSI) ASTM D3575 120
Tensile Elongation (%) ASTM D3575 22
Tear Strength (LB/In.) ASTM D3575 34
Compression Set (%)
@ 25%
@ 50%
ASTM D3575  
Bouyancy (LB/cubic ft) ASTM D3575 56.5
Thermal Conductivity (K) ASTM C177 0.30
Thermal Resistance @ 70F (R) ASTM C177 3.3
Coeff. of Lin. Thermal Expansion (in/in/°F x 10^-5) ASTM D696 4.0
Service Temperature (°F; Max.) ASTM D3575 160
Water Absorption (% [vol]/lb/ft^2) ASTM D3575/C272 <5.0/<0.02
Compressive Creep (1000hr, % [PSI]) ASTM D3575 4.0 [10]
Flammability (<4.0 in/min) FMVSS-302 PASS
Chemical Resistance (1 hr exposure [solvents, acids, and alkalines]) Various PASS
Fuel Immersion (<5% [Change in Volume]) Coast Guard; Fuel B per 33 CFR § 183.114 NA

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