Product General and Technical Information
Date: 6/1/2022
Name: Dryfast Foam
General Information
Dryfast foam is a great-quality foam with a firm feel. Dryfast's wide, open cells allow it to drain liquid easily, so it doesn't absorb moisture like conventional foams. Common applications include outdoor uses like patio cushions, boat cushions and boat mattresses. Typical life is 5 to 8 years.

Property Test Method Values
Density (LB/Cubic Ft.) ASTM 3574-91 1.8
25% ILD (LB) ASTM 3574-91 60
65% ILD (LB) ASTM 3574-91 105
Cell Count (Pores PSI) ASTM 3574-91 25
Air Flow (CFM) ASTM 3574-91 20
Tensile (PSI) Min. ASTM 3574-91 20
Elongation (%) Min. ASTM 3574-91 150
Anti-Microbial ASTM 3574-91 Yes
Tear (PSI) Min. ASTM 3574-91 5.0
Sag Factor (Nominal) ASTM 3574-91 1.8
Compression Set
(@ 50% Deflection) % Max.
ASTM 3574-91 20
25% CLD Autoclave Loss (% Max.) ASTM 3574-91 25
Compression Set
(@ 50% Deflection Autoclave Loss) % Max.
ASTM 3574-91 10
Tensile Strength Dry Heat Loss (% Max.) ASTM 3574-91 15
Max Temperature (°F) ASTM 3574-91 200
Fire Retardant Classification UL900 Class 2,
Non Fire Retardant
Contains Fire Retardant Additives - - - No

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